Application Submission Instructions. This part relates to app operations

For any good thing about their developers and customers, Samsung guarantees the software (software) satisfy higher standards of top quality.

Samsung, at their main discernment and without permission of every more parties, reserves the authority to submit, withhold publishing, and remove from publication inside the Samsung universe Store all software (applications) posted for publication being printed. If an app fulfills all Samsung publishing rules specifications, however they don’t follow the regional regulations or practices of a single or more publication countries in the application subscription, those countries are removed from the app’s book. While the app is published in universe Store, if users come across app material or functions to-be objectionable to users, to don’t comply with neighborhood laws of publishing nations, or perhaps to don’t adhere to Samsung book rules, Samsung can end application publication.

All programs must meet up with the requirements so that you can pass publishing evaluation for software is obtainable in universe Store for get, and have paid application and in-app product income recognized.

1. Performance

This area pertains to app functions.

1.1 Efficiency

1.1.1 Application setting up, introduction, firing, and uninstallation must succeed without errors.

1.1.2 Application properties must not freeze or bring useful issues.

1.1.3 Apps must not feature undetectable properties.

1.1.4 Test or beta adaptation binaries ought not to be provided.

1.1.5 For apps that want consumer login, login information (like user ID and password) for a person profile used to evaluate the application needs to be supplied during application subscription.

1.1.6 Programs mustn’t put spyware or viruses.

1.1.7 Programs mustn’t create icon shortcuts or bundles.

1.1.8 Programs mustn’t initiate or supporting automatic updates.

1.1.9 Apps mustn’t restrict the behavior of more software.

1.1.10 Samsung in-app fees (IAP) is recommended to market in-app goods (for example stuff and subscriptions) to suit your security and efficiency.

1.2 Functionality

1.2.1 Apps must certanly be valuable, entertaining, distinctive, or useful.

1.2.2 Software should be unique in features and design. Several comparable software should not be submitted.

1.2.3 programs cannot have an extortionate many ads, online clippings, site website links, or films that degrade the user skills.

1.2.4 application layouts should be noticeable.

1.2.5 application book need to be clear and not be truncated or altered.

1.2.6 software displays must complete the product display.

1.2.7 made applications should never have actually unreasonably highest prices.

1.2.8 applications that offer app download inside software commonly enabled.

1.3 Metadata

Metadata means details about an application (for example concept, definition, labels, screenshot and dealer label).

1.3.1 software metadata ought to be befitting users of various age groups.

1.3.2 If application subscription determine several book nations, app metadata must help English once the default language.

1.3.3 Application subscription preview photos, screenshot photographs, and explanations must precisely show and explain app function.

1.3.4 If an application provides in-app product expenditures or commercials, this need to be precisely revealed and defined into the software subscription preview artwork, screenshot pictures, and explanations.

1.3.5 application metadata cannot add unimportant, deceptive, or fraudulent key words.

1.3.6 Application subscription must establish the age rating and categories which are befitting the app.

If software registration cannot identify them, Samsung can transform them suitably.

1.3.7 Metadata should never encourage different application storage, or mobile platforms.

1.3.8 URLs should never trigger useful dilemmas as well as the web sources of URLs must not include contents that violates software circulation instructions requirement (such as, although not limited to, malware and inappropriate or no contents).

1.4 devices being compatible

1.4.1 software mustn’t create noises in quiet means.

1.4.2 Applications cannot alter default setup from the individual unit.

1.4.3 Software must not restart an individual product.

1.4.4 Applications must not cause problems for embedded product services (like, although not restricted to, Bluetooth, G-sensor, Wi-Fi, Camera, phone call, Volume/Hold secret, Alarm, and SMS/MMS).

1.4.5 software mustn’t cause problems for components and program occasions.

1.4.6 Apps should never crash as soon as the user device is rotated as soon as product accessories (like, but not limited by, earphones) become attached to or unplugged from unit.

1.4.7 software should never eat extortionate power existing, generate extreme temperatures, or fast deplete the user equipment power.

2. software material and conduct

This area pertains to app materials and steps.

If app material violates local rules or practices, Samsung may suspend app publication or eliminate countries from software book.

2.1 Sexual information

2.1.1 Applications must not visually or audibly current or encourage overt sexual ideas or information (such as, yet not limited to, direct nudity, subjected male or female genitalia, pornography, pedophilia, bestiality, sexually direct attitude, and sexually effective poses).

2.1.2 Applications cannot aesthetically or audibly present or encourage exploitative intimate attitude (including, not limited by, sexual punishment, sexual attack, and bestiality).

2.1.3 Applications cannot give a solution to access websites which have an intimate focus (such as, although not restricted to, mature friend finder and online dating websites).

2.2 Assault