As Japan is much more open about portraying homosexuality in its children’s mass media

than many region inside the western, [1] [2] several homosexual interactions made an appearance through the entire Sailor Moon collection. It should be noted not all of the continuities overlap on this matter, but several characters who were presented as homosexual in one single continuity were not delivered as such in other people.

In a series with a mainly female cast, relationships between your ladies, actual or imagined, comprise inevitable.


Listed here are figures with a lesbian sexual direction that has been made clear into the series‘ canon.

Uranus and Neptune

Really the only two openly homosexual Senshi of show, her relationship are canon in both the anime and manga. These people were in a relationship from their initial appearance and are rather truthful about this. Haruka flirted along with other women quite often (particularly Usagi), and Michiru from time to time flirted with males, nonetheless they had been specialized in each other. They after turned into infant Hotaru’s „mama“ and „papa.“

Celebrity Fighter

Seiya’s fascination with Usagi in the anime and manga might be seen as straight, but his normal form ended up being female, with his affections seemed equally powerful as Sailor Superstar Fighter. It ought to even be noted that inside the manga, it actually was really heavily implied that Superstar Fighter (which, like all the Sailor Starlights, simply cross-dressed to disguise herself as a boy inside the manga) got an unrequited love for Princess Kakyuu; this passion has also been, but considerably seriously, suggested from inside the anime. Inside Korean dub, Seiya became a lady in civilian form and his commitment with Usagi was developed into a homosexual connection.

Buff Canon

This amazing are conjecture among followers about feasible homosexual/bisexual positioning among figures, through scenario and innuendo, which usually observed in enthusiast canon.


Ami Mizuno is a „late bloomer“ with regards to found romance, creating some fans to understand the girl relationships with the more ladies as crushes. Based on some follower ideas, dark colored Mercury of Pretty protector Sailor Moon have an unrequited crush on Usagi and therefore acted as a jilted lover. But she did reveal fascination with men on a less consistent basis than the some other Inner Senshi, and seemed to care for Nephrite’s real kind, potentially as a parallel with the ambiguous partnership between dark colored Mercury and Nephrite.


Makoto Kino’s incapacity to be in their attentions made some enthusiasts speculate that she was a student in the cabinet. Inside the anime, she two times blushed fiercely after watching up Sailor Mercury’s top, but that was the sole facts found. She furthermore did actually has an enchanting crush on Haruka, at a place whenever she was familiar with Haruka’s genuine gender, in occurrence 96, but in truth she merely desired to be like the lady (which, a stronger, separate lady, not necessarily a lesbian). In cute Guardian Sailor moonlight, she sooner or later dated Motoki and approved their proposal at the conclusion of the specialized work.

Rei Hino was straight in anime, however in quite protector Sailor moonlight, she surely got to feel extremely near Minako Aino. Some fans understand her relationship to feel nearer than simple relationship. These fans theorize that the only reason it is not canon is because the live-action series was intended as a children’s show, hence the subtleties and ambiguities (e.g. unimportant behaviors, unique zoomed in shots, and so forth, that were not said to be seen by small kids but by their particular moms and dads watching using them) within communications as found in the tv series. Rei was also been shown to be close to Minako when you look at the manga, but nothing beyond that’s conjecture.

Aluminum Seiren and Lead Crow

Sailor Aluminum Seiren and Sailor contribute Crow are shown into the anime to share with you a prickly friendship in which Lead Crow was actually protective of, and exasperated by, the scatterbrained Aluminum Seiren. Some followers took contribute Crow’s affections on her behalf operating partner as facts for them becoming lovers, or evidence of the girl creating an unrequited love for Aluminum Seiren. These fans furthermore often suggest there exists parallels between these figures and Zoisite and Kunzite – in both cases the much less knowledgeable of the two got murdered by their particular commander inspite of the pleas of this more capable one, as soon as the greater number of experienced of the two later on died they known as from other’s label.

Luna and Artemis

In French dub in the anime, both Luna and Artemis had been female once they initially showed up, which suggested they were lesbians. However, Artemis had been afterwards called a male in subsequent symptoms.