BRISBANE EISTEDDFOD SOCIETY. The decision wasn’t generated softly and is not predicated on financial or resource availableness.

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ALL who have been a part of the Brisba greate Eieachteddfod in the decades preceding today, including participants, supporters, our smootht Partners, Sponsors and Donors. A review has been undertaken of the Brisbane Eisteddfod’s current status and future sustainability, and whilst the Brisbane Eisteddfod retains historical significance and a century long tradition of support to the Brisbane Arts community, there has been a noticeable loss of relevance. This is attributable to societal changes, wider offerings outside the traditional eisteddfod model, and future uncertainty over which the Eisteddfod Team has little control.

The professional Management panel making use of the service of the members and function organizers has taken the tough decision to officially shut down Brisbane Eisteddfod Inc. as a performance carrying out arts opposition system.

a discouraged interior standard of commitment and strength and a lack of exterior knowing and understanding of dedication

along side a displayed shortage of interest of the eisteddfod and arts community in keeping Brisbane Eisteddfod as feasible, keeps more exacerbated the demise as a valuable chance. Numerous calls for assistance over social media marketing together with click in recent years has also rejected united states listings. Current rebranding delivered Brisbane Eisteddfod with a new new look nevertheless the expected new volunteer interest couldn’t follow.

The current control teams have extensive knowledge and experience in all things about Eisteddfodau also it’s maybe not without our desire that people is foregoing extension inside our shared functions but changes there has to be. When it comes down to business for proceeded we necessary an executive getting strong adequate to come on panel and do the Eisteddfod to another levels specially as commercial activities have finally arrive at control the world. It’s been an emotional and unsatisfactory rollercoaster to arrive at this choice nonetheless it had been the one that was a student in the producing as succession preparing stored slipping through.

From an account of in excess of 100 some 40 years in the past just to 10 over recent years, it’s this firstly that contains added to your situation. We have constantly ensured that competitions are first and foremost in our minds as that is the solution of your structure.

For dancing, message & crisis, singing, Instrumental and also to a much less level, Choral and Choral Speaking, its certainly an unfortunate last admission!

Professional Management Committee Brisbane Eisteddfod Inc.

Going back since 1892 The Brisbane Eisteddfod now consistently grow with ‘Arts in Focus’ in an expert, supporting and aggressive planet. The city heart of your competitors try maintained by a devoted panel of volunteers, position they apart from any primary phase celebration.

Files commonly as replicated without written authorization from Brisbane Eisteddfod Inc.

The Brisbane Eisteddfod Inc. try a not-for-profit organization, all contributions include income tax deductable.

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