Cultural Do’s and Don’ts in the Dominican Republic

Residents when you look at the Dominican Republic are known for their unique hot, friendly faculties. However, exactly like any place else, knowing the cultural 2 and don’ts may go a long way towards comprehension and acceptance.

Greetings and Communication

Use the formal pronoun (usted) when addreing seniors and anyone who isn’t a close friend. Utter an energetic greeting when entering any community room or someone’s quarters, shake hands upon meeting anyone, and come up with eye contact whenever talking.

While these actions become elective inside the U.S., it’s thought about rude to omit them in Dominican Republic. Since Dominicans tend to be friendly and outbound, don’t act shocked when people greet one another by kiing ideal cheek.

Talk Subject Areas

As soon as you see locals, don’t get offended if they ask you concerning your group given that it’s an important topic from inside the Dominican Republic. They’re expected to enquire about in which your latest title arises from, and in turn, they will value your curiosity about theirs.

The same as in almost any various other place, don’t discu faith and government.


While in the U.S. it’s acceptable to make all the way down an invite for a glass or two, dinner or even to are available inside a home, don’t do this right here. That’s because locals can view this as an insult to generosity. Since Dominicans are friendly, be ready to mingle.

Don’t need relaxed excuses when neighbors offer their particular hospitality.


Despite the damp environment and regardle of specific social standing, Dominicans dre in fitted clothing. The work ecosystem demands proper outfit where female typically put pantsuits, and men dre in matches and ties.

But shades are brilliant, not the dark and somber shades which are known when you look at the American busine community.

Regardle of gender, group usually get their locks completed at a beauty salon also. Even when it’s hot exterior, Dominicans destination a top increased exposure of a polished looks. However, tank covers, shorts, and sandals constitute acceptable attire while in unique households.

Create reserve one particular relaxed attire for private incorporate and elected additional shiny attire in public areas. This shows esteem your Dominican tradition.


Opportunity opinion works in different ways in Dominican Republic for natives. Caused by a relaxed mindset, people don’t devote some time ideas as well honestly. The busine globe has actually more structure, but even meetings typically begin and stop later on than announced.

Whether you’re choosing a specialist or you’re meeting a friend for a meal, perform count on one other celebration to-arrive afterwards as compared to scheduled opportunity, or perhaps not arrive at all. But don’t show tardine equestriansingles com login because foreigners are anticipated to show upon energy.

Public Transportation

Having a general public coach (guagua) helps make an inexpensive transport choice, but it takes a bit to get the place you wish get. That’s because busses run on unpredictable, sporadic schedules. This will probably operate in your own favor since you can hail all of them anywhere on the road.

Before boarding one, be certain that it offers the name sitrabapu or tramabapu throughout the front side. Those are the public transportation syndicates.

Each shuttle have a conductor (el cobrador) and a motorist. Do have small change readily available for all the conductor just who accumulates money. There won’t be any seats, and don’t anticipate a designated prevent when you wish to disembark.

Alternatively, would inform the motorist to cease when you’re at your destination.

Carritos function as the local cab solution as well as traveling along fixed paths. Create hail these general public trucks through the side of the road. Constantly let the motorist be aware of the minute you wish to exit the vehicle, and then he will pull over.