Fetlife and Collarspace Shenanigans. Standard readers of this weblog will no doubt recall that isn’t really a brand new subject of discussion after all.

See, that’s exactly what the application is good for.

“Im not racist but”

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Exposing corruption requires the ability to read activities

There’s an interesting discussion happening over on the rolequeer blog named “Decolonizing Kink?” where many individuals who are sick and tired of the overt racism and various other bigotry teeming from the inside the rotten core associated with the BDSM and fetish “community” are speaing frankly about what, if anything, can be achieved regarding it.

For anyone of us whose sight, ears, along with other senses become attuned for this sort of thing, you’ll find reports of entirely grotesque, racist, sexist, homophobic, rape apologist, and ableist behaviors—to title just a couple systemic issues—emanating from really center from the so-called “Safe, Sane, and Consensual” SADO MASO Scene. Off of the top of my personal head alone, i will recall:

Now, if you’re astonished by just how many situations I’ve merely indexed (and I didn’t also attempt to name some of the recent FetLife-involved murders!), there have been two probably explanations. 1st, you’re not focusing, and you also most likely must. But second, even if you were paying attention, it is maybe not in fact simple to find around about these events, a lot less to actually keep in mind them, even although you’ve been with us provided that i’ve. And that’s no accident: the bad publicity incidents such as these create (and these occurrences take place so consistently, and also been occurring for such a long time, they’re like clockwork—here’s another sample from 2009) how to use eDarling were positively stifled and spin-controlled by both BDSM community relations/lobbying organizations like the state Coalition for Sexual independence (aka. the NCSF, whoever executive manager was once utilized by FetLife because their neighborhood Manager) plus SADO MASO Scene businesses and institutions on their own. This includes FetLife.