HIV-positive men can use ‚POZ events‘ to reduce threat of spread of HIV, but different health threats might be engaging

Sex events in which HIV-positive gay males satisfy for unsafe sex could help reduce steadily the scatter of HIV, but could incorporate a danger of intimately carried infections and superinfection with resistant stresses of HIV, according to a pilot study executed in New York and released for the Oct edition of Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Even though the research try delivered in measured code, and it is cautious to emphasize both potentially positive and negative fitness implications of sex events regarding HIV-positive gay guys, or a€?POZ partiesa€? due to the fact authors call them, a news launch through the editors of log made use of so much more sensational language and led to alarmist statements such as a€?POZ functions distribute extremely tension of HIVa€? inside preferred push.

Activities for example POZ events may express an endeavor by HIV-positive gay boys to select sexual partners of the same HIV reputation, alleged a€?serosortinga€?. Even though there might substantial research into the intimate conduct of gay boys nowadays, very little is known about gay intercourse events. Consequently researchers attempt to explain the personality of men who sign up for POZ activities, their good reasons for doing this, the kinds of gender they involved with at this type of functions, their own drug usage at these happenings in addition to their sexual actions outside parties which involved some other HIV-positive males.



Choosing sexual partners of the identical HIV condition, or limiting condomless intercourse to lovers of the identical HIV standing. As a danger decrease plan, the drawback for HIV-negative men is that they is only able to ensure of these HIV position when they past grabbed a test, whereas HIV-positive visitors could be positive they are aware her status

pilot study

Minor, preliminary research, performed to guage feasibility, time, expense, unwanted events, and fix upon the appearance of the next full-scale research project.


Whenever anyone currently contaminated with HIV is subjected to a different sort of stress of HIV and becomes contaminated with it along with their particular present malware.


A variant characterised by a certain genotype.


Amyl, butyl or isobutyl nitrite, become recreational medications sniffed during intercourse to both heighten the knowledge and flake out rectal sphincter muscle tissue.

Detectives interviewed a maximum of 115 boys at ten POZ celebration activities in ny into the last half of 2003. A great deal of guys comprise white (70per cent) and 97% asserted that that they had gender entirely along with other males. The average time of HIV problems got ten years, even though this ranged between two months and two decades. Antiretroviral therapies was being used by 69percent of males and average era ended up being 42 ages. A sexually transmitted issues in just before going to the intercourse celebration was reported by a 3rd of males.

Over a 3rd of males asserted that their unique main reason for participating in a POZ party got either a€?dona€™t need to worry about exposing my HIV statusa€? (35%) or a€?like having uninhibited or unrestricted sexa€? (35%). And also, 15percent of men cited a€?dona€™t need to worry about infecting othersa€? as his or her biggest reason behind participating in case.

a past intercourse party involving HIV-positive guys had been attended by 75percent of men, a lot of whom said that they attended their own basic such celebration between 2000-03, suggesting that these happenings have gathered in recognition in recent years. Boys reported going to happenings in a great many north American metropolitan areas along with Europe.

A lot of the boys (88percent) mentioned that that they had oral intercourse with one or more people at a POZ celebration, with 60per cent saying that that they had exposed receptive anal intercourse (with more than 75% among these individuals obtaining climax) and 72per cent saying that they’d had unprotected insertive rectal intercourse at such a meeting (with 69% of these males saying that they ejaculated in their companion).

There was small proof of drug use at POZ celebration events. Despite current issue in the usa about methamphetamine and impotence problems medications fuelling sexual danger taking, the detectives learned that merely 11percent of men reported the aid of any amphetamine and just 1percent of males said that they made use of Viagra before or while in the party. Also, the detectives seen small proof of medication incorporate apart from poppers.

The investigators bring numerous inferences from their learn. First of all, the events they examined are an endeavor at a€?serosortinga€?. Subsequently, medicine utilize just isn’t a prominent feature among these occasions; and, finally, gender events concerning HIV-positive gay males may provide an as yet unrealised chance for fitness advertising.

a€?POZ events could potentially contribute to decreases in spread of HIV infection through the self-selection of HIV-positive sexual partnersa€?, deduce the investigators. However, the advantages of this type of a€?serosortinga€? could be undermined of the spread out of intimately transmitted infection together with a€?diffusion of HIV superinfection, both among craigslist hookup tips HIV-positive boys at POZ functions in addition to their HIV-negative intercourse associates in other spots.a€?

Clatts MC et al. an emerging HIV possibility atmosphere: an initial epidemiological visibility of an MSM POZ party in New York City. Gender Transm Infect 81: 373 a€“ 376, 2005.