Perhaps not Jun Lin, blessedly. “I deducted that without doubt it wasn’t your.”

Thus Feng contacted police to submit their ex lost, to let all of them understand ID had been completely wrong.

As judge has actually read, the beginning 53 seconds regarding video illustrate another Asian people additionally bound and fastened on Magnotta’s sleep, where crime presumably occurred. Lin looks after for the movie, for ten full minutes.

Then Leclair began their cross-examination of Feng — flown in from China to testify, wearing a conventional gray match, appearing just like the 35-year-old expert that he’s — introducing with a bewildering, preemptive apology.

“i do want to supply my sympathies to you personally for reduced your buddy. I’m detrimental to both you and your buddy. And therefore that isn’t regarding your pal. The test means the condition of brain of Mr. Magnotta.”

This may be became exactly about Jun Lin.

“we can’t think I’m hearing this,” objected Bouthillier, which complained that Leclair had been creating an announcement rather than posing concerns.

Astonishingly, it what seemed similar to a thinly veiled menace quite a query — the kind of amounts authorities detectives consistently pull on candidates when wanting to generate a confession — Leclair considered the experience: “I want to talk with your so it’s precise in which I’m supposed, that We have a lot of information on (Jun Lin).

“The considerably your volunteer, more i need to face you.”

Exactly what Feng have affirmed under direct ended up being he and Lin had never ever engaged in thraldom, that Lin have never took part in homosexual social networking even though they had been with each other, but that he realized Lin got a Grindr membership. To their knowledge, Feng added, the internet site illustrated partly naked boys.

“Full frontal nudity?” asked Leclair.

“Impossible. Best semi-nude.”

Feng said he’d supported Lin towards the Montreal gay dance club, the heavens Barr, on just one occasion. The guy stated to learn little about men, “Emile,” Lin had presumably came across there, with whom he’d after communicated via Skype, sole era after Feng leftover for Asia, and therefore they’d have intercourse.

“Does that wonder your?” Leclair requested.

Feng: “We got split up during that time currently, so he’d all his independence.”

Leclair continuing: “I’m telling you that there’s a lot of things you did not discover Lin Jun.”

Jury down. Jury in.

Feng later said he’d no recollection of Lin posting an image of himself on Valentine’s Day in 2012, with purple locks and damaged teeth beneath the concept “My Self Portrait”, though Lin might have done so.

Leclair also suggested that Jun Lin, a Concordia college scholar working part time as a store clerk, was something of a retained man. Feng compensated the lease and gave Lin revenue occasionally for meals, the experience decided.

Feng failed to reject informing police, in a 2012 interview, about Lin: “He can attach with complete visitors.”

But this, Feng stressed, was an observation made about his ex-lover after they’d broken up. When together, the guy insisted their unique partnership was monogamous.

After detailing some of the porn video that Lin installed, Leclair put the matter bluntly to your experience: “Did he have any desire for S & M (sado-masochism)?”

“During the time scale I happened to be with your, the guy would not reveal any desire for this whatsoever,” Feng reacted.

Leclair began revealing Feng graphic stills in one of this swapfinder dating website movies, severe joys – Feng was actually clearly unhappy with all the images offered, imploring the judge: “Do i must have a look at these photographs?”

Leclair put the concern once more. “Are you swearing under oath which he never discussed with you about anything to carry out with S & M?”

Feng: “I concur that.”

At 5 p.m., the experience had been finished here, booked for a flight the place to find Beijing Thursday.

Men who’d treasured a guy and remained correct to his memories underneath the bad shine of a pitiless murder test.