School Funding Literacy. FAFSA So what does FAFSA mean? Totally Free Application for Federal scholar help Who should finish the FAFSA? Anybody enthusiastic about.

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1 Educational Funding Literacy

2 FAFSA So what does FAFSA are a symbol of? Totally complimentary Application for Federal scholar help whom should finish the FAFSA? Anyone enthusiastic about going to college Where can this? is finished by me

3 Dependent or Independent? If I not live with my moms and dads, could I finish the FAFSA without their information? NO Until you turn 24 years old – you are thought a Dependent pupil by the authorities and youmust use parental biographical and economic all about the FAFSA unless one of these apply: it is possible to show you had been in a appropriate guardianship you are able to demonstrate that you had been homeless you may be a Veteran you might be lawfully hitched you have got a kid, that lives with you, and also you totally help. (in the event that you reside along with your moms and dads plus they claim you and/or your youngster – You CANNOT claim this. In the event that you spend youngster help to somebody else for your youngster – you CANNOT claim this).

4 S the P What Exactly is SAP? Satisfactory Academic Progress SAP is founded on: 1. GPA should be 2.0 or higher 2. Withdrawals 3. This is certainly on the basis of the semester GPA at Kilgore university.

5 G P an exactly what is really a GPA? level Point Average What is the difference : 1. Semester GPA – that is the grade point average for the semester just. 2. GPA that is cumulative the grade point average for the semester during the college that you will be currently signed up for. To achieve success your GPA should continually be at the least a 2.0

6 Loans figuratively speaking are financial aid that MUST be repaid. You can find 2 kinds: Subsidized Loans – This is need-based plus the government will pay the attention on the loan while you’re going to college. Unsubsidized Loans interest that is starts accruing when the faculty gets the amount of money on your behalf.

7 Loans versus Pell Gr ant: what’s the huge difference? Loans must certanly be paid back following the Grace duration or even paid back, and also you enter standard on your own figuratively speaking, the government can and certainly will: Garnish wages Federal tax refunds – garnished this if you should be delinquent on your own repayments Social Security advantages any kind of assets that you will find The Pell Grant is free federal help, if you complete your classes and work out SAP. You lose Pell give eligibility as soon as you get a Bachelors Degree The Pell give has become limited by 18 semesters of eligibility educational funding does NOT transfer in one university to some other. You MUST get online to , sign in, and include the new university rule to your FAFSA, then resubmit it. After the other college gets it they will certainly request documents away from you to aid that is award. Aid must certanly be terminated during the other university.

8 reimbursement Not That Which You Anticipated? Who should you contact? If the refund quantity just isn’t that which you thought or expected that it is, you’ll want to contact the Cashier’s workplace at 903-983-8108. They could help you with describing all of your fees, modifications, and educational funding credits.

9 E-Award An E-Award page is a digital Award Letter. You will need certainly to Accept/Decline all Financial help online on Campus Connect. This is accessed at and click regarding the Campus Connect link. When you get on Campus Connect: click the “Student Information” tab Scroll down and click on “Accept/Decline” Make yes you decide on the appropriate award 12 months from the drop down box – 11-12. Review aid that is financial Accept/Decline study and carefully look at the containers if you prefer loans, click the website website link when you look at the field that really must be examined. Finish the MPN and Entrance Counseling click on the relative back arrow to have returning to your E-Award click the submit switch

10 Where Am I Able To Find Details About My Educational Funding? All information concerning your pupil account is available on Campus Connect: Financial Aid Print your routine Add/drop classes Unofficial transcripts Degree audits Change name/address – Registrar’s workplace Review/Pay balance Vehicle enrollment

11 exactly exactly What when you look at the global World is really a Ranger Card? Student ID card Debit/MasterCard for Financial Aid refunds Need to get into the KC gymnasium Access to consume within the cafeteria if you bought a food plan.

12 Game Time Divide room into 2 teams Enjoy game and compete to win. TEN MINUTES

14 Continued…. Tuition and charges Housing and dish plans Book and offer fees built in the written Book shop. Adjustments/Credits Increases/decreases in school funding; increase/decrease in grants, scholarships, loans added at a subsequent date, and exemptions.

15 what’s the ORD and just why can it be essential? The ORD could be the formal Reporting Date that will be the federal census reporting date that provides information on most of the students enrolled and going to course as of the 12 th course day. This is really important for your requirements since it will impact your educational funding should an teacher report/drop you for non-attending.

16 Financial help Suspension not any longer qualified to receive Pell/Grants not any longer qualified to receive Loans no more qualified to receive Scholarships You must finish 12 hours by having a 2.0 GPA and purchase those hours you to ultimately regain school funding eligibility

17 Financial help Probation Why have always been we on Probation? o Withdrew from too classes that are many Semester GPA is below 2.0 So what performs this mean? o you will still however receive aid you can find consequences. You should be careful in regards to the true quantity of classes you withdraw from or get dropped from by an teacher.

18 withdrawal that is complete of 1.You will likely to be placed on suspension system immediately at the conclusion of semester – there isn’t any probation! 2.You may possibly owe cash into the university, with regards to the withdrawal date.

20 Who Do I Want to Contact? If one thing occurs because of: Illness Accidents Medical problems problems with kiddies Child Care problems Transportation problems Death when you look at the family members whom can I contact to go over my educational options? Your Instructor(s) take note that none of those problems will stop you from jeopardizing or losing your educational funding. The Registrar if i need: a name or address change Official Transcripts Other academic records Apply for Graduation

21 thanks We sincerely appreciate you Kilgore that is choosing College pursuing your scholastic objectives. We wish that this Literacy Counseling has helped respond to any questions on several of the acronyms, federal rules/regulations, and school policies that apply to Financial Aid that you may have and enlightened you. When we will help you with any additional concerns or issues, please contact your individual educational funding Counselor or our front desk at 903-983-8211.