Selena Gomez Cara Delevingne Express Sugary Kiss Amid Chris Evans Matchmaking Gossip

Cyberspace can be persuaded she’s online dating Chris Evans but the other day Selena Gomez didn’t come with trouble showing passion for the next star she was once rumored getting romancing.

Stepping out from the ny Knicks games on November 17, the 29-year-old artist and celebrity had been observed with none other than supermodel and superstar Cara Delevingne, furthermore 29, using the set also discussing a sweet kiss regarding Madison Square backyard jumbotron, web page Six reported dating for seniors .

The outing emerged mere times following aˆ?Good for Youaˆ? performer got spotted using a white wire knit that featured remarkably want Chris‘ popular jacket from Knives Out.


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Smooch Regarding The Jumbotron

Getting statements the actual next day, the females‘ lovely Kiss Cam minute took place 5 minutes inside second one-fourth, with Selena being the kisser and Cara the kissee. Whilst the duo did not secure lip area, there is a definite ambiance since the Carnival Row superstar shyly blushed and attempted to cover this lady face behind the lady shoulder.

Although the pair initially helayated to make a move when the camera first focused on them, giggling as they looked at each other, Selena leaned in and gave Cara a smooch on the cheek amid a cheering crowd.

Enjoy their particular sweet jumbotron kiss below.


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BFFs or higher?

Even though the aww second filled with a purple lipstick hug mark had gotten lovers mentioning, this isn’t the 1st time that folks posses speculated Selena and Cara may be products. After notoriously spending time with Taylor Swift along with her infamous girl group across the times the lady 2014 record album, 1989, premiered, the two females happened to be BFF-ing in Saint Tropez while they vacationed in France that summertime for Selena’s birthday celebration.

All they got is a photo of the bikini-clad pair showering with each other on a boat, more than likely after a move, for any hook-up hearsay to start swirling.


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Dating Hearsay

The girl friends delivered tongues wagging yet again that cold temperatures when Selena took Cara house for your holiday breaks to meet up the girl moms and dads. The duo got spotted just outside Dallas around xmas, with a 2014 report from webpage Six stating they certainly were using their unique relationship one step further.

The gal pals reportedly presented fingers because they seen Nordstrom, with Cara presumably slapping Selena’s base. They even hung around at Dallasaˆ™ hillcrest Mall and shopped for bras at Victoriaaˆ™s trick, reported the news headlines outlet, citing TMZ.

Selena: We Treasured It

Because turned-out, Selena was not the least bit annoyed that she and Cara are creating statements as a possible couples. Speaking-to PrideSource in October 2015, the only real Murders from inside the strengthening actress stated she loved they and performednaˆ™t notice they.aˆ?

The frozen dessert vocalist continued to gush over Cara, who was freely bisexual at that time possesses since turn out as pansexual: aˆ?Honestly, though, sheaˆ™s wonderful and also open and she merely tends to make me personally open. Sheaˆ™s so fun and sheaˆ™s just extremely daring, and often i recently want that during my existence, so I didnaˆ™t thinking they. I adored it.aˆ?

When expected if she had actually ever asked the woman sex, Selena candidly replied: aˆ?Oh, i believe people do, no matter who they really are. I do, yeah, obviously. Absolutely. I do believe itaˆ™s healthy to increase a perspective on who you really are deep-down, concern yourself and dare yourselfaˆ™ itaˆ™s important to do this.aˆ?