What I discovered as a Trans girl Trolling Needy guys on Grindr

Becoming women on a gay hookup application is not simple — but if you will make men feel this unpleasant, it’s all worth every penny

If you’re lucky enough to spot Chase Traub on Grindr, don’t deliver the girl a grimy dick picture or a pixelated headless body. Submit her your best ASMR.

The 19-year-old from Orange County, Ca, operates at a restaurant and works an entertaining Twitter membership — but she’s furthermore the self-appointed Grindr-Trolling star. On a hookup software noted for aggressive, terse messaging, Traub is slowing the girl sexting. This lady art is something more susceptible, actually absurdist.

In mid-November, an anonymous, faceless Grindr profile deluged the girl with 20 self-pitying acoustics information pleading for Traub to acknowledge your. She never performed. However, she’s not just one to successfully pass upwards the opportunity to build viral material, thus Traub founded a vocal-cord crusade and started largely addressing people on the gay hookup app with… sound communications.

BOND: myself trolling men on Grindr by informing all of them we merely answer audio information

The discussions is satirical. Within her basic conversation, Traub jokingly remarks that she holds along the record option with “the scarring where this lady best thumb was previously.” In a holiday-themed series of emails, she offers to deck a man’s xmas tree — “I don’t mean crap . We swear.”

Traub features happened into probably the most romantic corners of this websites on an application saturated in misogyny. Grindr, a cesspool of (s)cum, could be the residence on the more tricky masc4masc scene, the no-fats-no-femmes-no-Asians guys just who decline anybody who doesn’t see or behave like a straight bro. Though heterosexual boys incorporate Grindr meet up with trans ladies like Traub , she says, homosexual boys usually determine their she’s maybe not welcome on the application.

Therefore I couldn’t fight — I coordinated together me.

I came across their through Grindr’s Explore feature and interviewed the woman over audio message, and that I also decrease under enchantment. On a software where males seriously react a fool when you look at the identity of heteronormativity, Traub is trolling people into becoming honest at last.

me trolling people on Grindr by advising all of them I best answer sound information: ?????? TRIP MODEL ??????

Here’s the writing transcription. — Joseph Longo

Hey! It’s Joseph Longo with MEL. Glad I Discovered you. Hey Joseph. This really is @ChaseTraub conversing. How ya doin’?

I’m fantastic. How are you currently? This is quite an interesting way to chat. Wish you’re right up because of this convo. I’m carrying out rather fantastic myself, Joseph. Thank you for inquiring. But I’m no complete stranger to talking inside format, I want to tell ya.

Yes. Thus render me personally the storyline. How do you even produce this notion? Better, everything going when in the middle of the evening some random chap delivered me personally about 20 vocals information that have been merely actually, truly strange and weird and kind of entertaining. Like, it’s these a weird method to communicate with anybody. Specially anybody you don’t know.

So for personal amusement, I made a decision that night I’d react to every guy exactly who strike myself upwards, saying I’d best answer vocals messages — merely to see just what types of impulse [I’d] escape all of them. I absolutely didn’t know what can be expected.

We wound up creating a rlly deep convo with among the dudes I found myself trolling on Grindr (the christmas time one lol) in which he really gave me some suggestions i must say i necessary to listen to

As long as they had been so scary, exactly what generated you state, ‘All proper, today I’m gonna would this’? I will currently read that is particular a slow process… We don’t discover — I was a lot less measured. I did son’t anticipate anybody but me personally and possibly some company observe. I honestly believed it will be amusing observe what males would do when a lady variety of puts all of them in a vulnerable circumstances. And they’re therefore eager to get an answer that they kinda just go with they. And that I have a lot of enjoyment thereupon, for certain.