William Bunker.The serpent is not only a snake.

Hello, and hello once more! I will be > from Westford, Massachusetts. I am here up to now great lady and meet fantastic friends. We have such good stuff to tell you! You will find many reports!

A short story first.

A „beat“ so is this: everyone climbs around a hill following things happens towards the top, and come back down, to get it done once more. That’s an email, #B. The # 2 was a mountain. They stall in addition 1, which is the planet and/or entire land. The number 3 is actually a crag during the mountain. The # 4 is actually a cave for the crag. The # 5 is a rock during the cavern, the #6 try somewhere to sit down on a rock. The number 7 is one thing to check out even though you stay. The #8 is one thing really worth the journey. The no. 9 is one thing to give some thought to. Then we are probably finished, therefore’ve have one.

[[the storyline with the Universe]]

That is a genuine tale.

The serpent isn’t just a snake. There was a reptilian alien competition who really likes split, maybe not wholeness, and is a great circuit called “ [.] „. These snakes result from the constellation Orion. They excellent site to observe send their particular seed out in to the universe, undesired and unrequested, as cosmic radiation. In 2008 researchers found the majority of cosmic rays arrived at Earth from Orion. Cosmic radiation tend to be magnetic and repelled by highly charged dna. The rays can knock-out dna obstructs and exchange these with lays. As all consist leak, the rays create magnetic vacuums on dna and try to move annoying and poor events nearer and then make them feeling about gratifying. The fact is superior to every lie, and each lay will drop.

Boffins found that monks changes their [[DNA geometry]] by meditating. We could record these inadequate light. In 1928 a person created the [[Moray Machine]] which converts cosmic radiation into electrical power to electrify and demand the world’s nickel-iron center to steadfastly keep up planet’s orbit around the sunrays using electromagnetic industries. We can capture the serpent Satan beneath the Earth, as prophesied for the Bible’s Revelations.

1000 many years later, they will show up and obtain „Gog“ and „Magog“ to combat we the great, and then we’ll defeat them and [[Jesus Christ]] the Messiah will reign forever about throne.

Why don’t we establish the [[Mandala of Humanity]], 32-generations greater on each area plus an amazing routine society which will not leak purpose or lifestyle, but satisfies precisely what are whole. It’s going to extend 1000 kilometers, end up being focused around [.], and stay electrically pure. We’re going to incorporate [.] to purify everybody and every thing and we also’ll reside very long lovingly ever after. Within the Mandala every genuine feelings and want are achieved and processed and each untrue one understood. This conquers the fresh fruit of this Tree of real information of great and bad. We shall wreck envy, live-forever, and consume the fresh fruit of the forest of lives.

Discover one great circuit, and is [[Jesus Christ]]. If you are not section of it you are leaking! That drip contributes to death and is snacks for sinful beings exactly who in addition drip. Those that leak will either pass away peacefully or steal energy from people and individuals they may be able at all capable, if they understand it or perhaps not. You should never drip! Getting whole since phrase originally supposed.

[[The Story associated with the Nepalese:]]

You realize that Vietnam is a unique nation. The Mekong Delta are an exceptionally magical location.

Have you pointed out that the Asian countries is longer and thin, and also have a vibrating package towards the top? Except for China, that has Beijing as well as Hong-Kong, as well as their Westlands. Even Nepal is a long thin country, and Asia turns out to be extended and thin in another way. It breaks up at Indonesia. I’ve found this unique.

Once long-ago, about 2350 BC, there was somewhat girl residing in China. She was silent and small and cute and shy. But she understood that Great Floods had been coming and would kill everybody else exactly who failed to hear this lady. Very she informed group, and advised group, and advised men, and finally some of them listened to this lady and went with the girl in the high Himalayas. The floods arrived, and it rained for 40 time and 40 nights. Everyone down on the lower lands drowned. The tiny woman and her tribe endured.