With colour-change LEDs, you’re in complete control… simply set your perfect illumination, and then sit straight back and chill!

How you’ll take control of your LED strip lights is determined by the kind of Light-emitting Diode controller you’ve selected. Each one of InStyle’s LED controllers provides a complete color palette|colour that is full} (and also will enable you to pick a pure fixed color option, if you like).

How bright should my LED striplighting be?

Light-emitting Diode tape comes in a range of wattages. Each offers a different amount of light production, to fit your project’s requirements.

The wattage drawn by a strip of Light-emitting Diode tape is calculated because of the metre. Then when purchasing your strip lights, you need to constantly compare by determining wattage that is totalwattage per metre, increased by the amount of metres) and total lumens (lumen output per metre, increased by the amount of metres). Don’t just compare the true amount of diodes for each metre of Light-emitting Diode tape!

InStyle provide tape that is LED which range from 5W per metre to 24W per metre.

Light-emitting Diode tape brightness by wattage

Just how wide are Light-emitting Diode tapes?

InStyle’s strip lights are attached to top-notch PCBs (printed circuit panels), to be able to offer heat that is enough for the LEDs’ energy and brightness.

Our narrowest LED tape PCBs are 8mm wide by 3mm in level. Our widest PCBs are 12mm wide and 3mm deep.

Just how long are InStyle’s LED tape reels?

Our LED strip lights are manufactured and provided on 5-metre reels as standard. But with InStyle, you’ll get personal solution to help make your installation task go smoothly – so that you need if you know your project’s measurements, we will cut/solder your LED tape order to the exact length (or lengths.

Then you can buy LED strips of exactly that length… so you won’t have to discard 3.25 metres of a 5-metre reel if you only require 1.75 metres, for example.

(remember that cut-point spacing differs for different tape that is LED. According to the form of Light-emitting Diode tape you select, cut-points sit at 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, or 166mm intervals. Begin to see the requirements for each item web page for details.)

Typically we don’t supply custom-made LED runs in lengths over 6.5m. It is because longer lengths will create a voltage-drop towards their end (as a LED strip’s|strip that is LED} PCB cannot keep a consistent current over that length). This means that, your Light-emitting Diode tape would seem less bright towards the end of any strip more than 6.5 metres.

For helpful information to setting up strip that is LED in tasks than require runs longer than 5 metres, see our support web page on how best to install big tasks.

Can you supply extrusions (aka pages) for LED strip lights?

InStyle have actually a range that is wide of extrusions (Light-emitting Diode pages) in stock. Simply by using extrusions, you are able to enhance the appearance of unconcealed LED strip lights for a far more expert finish. Extrusions offer additional security for LED lights installed outside or perhaps in damp / humid areas.

Each of InStyle’s LED tape items could be installed within our Light-emitting Diode strip light extrusions. Our extrusion range includes sets from corner LED pages, to frosted extrusions specifically made for stair-treads, risers and skirting-boards, to lens that is optic that will put your LEDs’ light further.

LED extrusions are for sale in 1m and 2m lengths. It is possible to cut them to size merely, utilizing a hacksaw. For lots more about our LED illumination extrusion range see right here.